Eltons restaurant thrives today in a restored heritage building built in 1896, boasting unique historical charm and character, unachievable in modern buildings today.

It was built by Stoddart & Casimir, originally as a ‘fine brick stable’ for the high-class gentry, in the era of horse and carriage, for those who would conduct business in Mudgee. The location was ideal being in the heart of Mudgee directly opposite the town hall amongst some of the most prestigious firms of the time. The building quickly became a centrepiece as the town grew, thanks to its design and style.

 Mudgee was rapidly growing following the discovery of gold in many nearby towns and became the regional trading and administrative hub for the entire area.

Decades later the two-storey building became the business and home of the Elton family who operated ‘Elton’s Pharmacy’ for more than 50 years up to 1992. Then it was transformed into one of Mudgee’s earliest and most iconic cafés that was named Elton’s Brasserie. For 12 years it was a favourite destination for locals + tourists alike located in the heart of Mudgee amongst heritage-listed buildings.

In 2014 extensive renovations were completed to create a unique and stylish main bar area and an open-air courtyard at the rear using recycled building materials in its design.

Today, 125 years later Eltons Bar + Bites is firmly part of Mudgee’s unique history as a cool + hip bar, with a style reminiscent of days gone by.

If you look at the façade on the left side near the plaque you will see some of the original yellow exterior of Eltons chemist. While inside the dining area the original painted chemist wall can be seen above and around the bar. It has been left that way to retain some of the original history of this amazing building.

You may also recognise Eltons and many other locations in and around town, as seen in the Channel 9 television series Doctor Doctor. The 4 seasons and 48 episodes were filmed around Mudgee, renamed in the series as ‘Whyhope’.

The history of Eltons will live on forever.